Snack with the families

The nuns share a playful afternoon with their relatives.

On Saturday afternoon, May 4, 2023, we enjoyed an intimate time with our families.

The garden of the monastery was filled with relatives and, after a shared snack, we enjoyed a good time of presentations, dances and songs that served to get to know each other better and better.

Most of the nuns, both older and younger, received their relatives in a relaxed and festive atmosphere.

A few families, for various reasons, could not come, but we hope that on future occasions they will also be able to participate!

Everyone left very happy and eager to repeat!

Shema 2024

Shema 2024

For donations

For donations

At Sant Benet we already have a BIZUM number to make donations easily and from your mobile phone: 06581 Monestir Sant Benet de Montserrat.

You can also continue to make donations by bank transfer to the following number: 
ES48 0081 52 83 3400 0110 9114 (Holder: Benedictines Monestir Sant Benet)

Shall we pray?

Shall we pray?





Monday 25/10/2021:

Monday 01/11/2021:

Christian meditation

Christian meditation

Meditation at the Monastery of Sant Benet de Montserrat

We meet on the third Saturday of every month at 17:15h (in Catalan)

Sinclètica Monastic School

Sinclètica Monastic SchoolGraduation of the first promotion of the Master’s Degree: Knowledge, Art and Interiority

We are pleased to announce that the Sinclètica Monastic School has already borne its first fruits.  Thus, on 19 June we celebrated the graduation of the first class of students of the Master's  degree programme. For more information, please contact the website of the Monastic School: 

Defence of Doctoral Thesis

On 6 November, our sister Natàlia defended her doctoral thesis at the Pontifical Liturgical Institute of Saint Anselm in Rome. Her work received the highest qualification: suma cum laude. We rejoice in the fruit of her work and hope that it will be for the good of liturgical science and the Church!

Workshop news

Waiting for All Saints' Day, this year we have received several orders in the workshop to decorate gravestones with our ceramics. We are very happy to contribute with colour and love to the cemeteries. These are sacred places where our loved ones rest.  

For us, each tombstone is full of symbolism and meaning, following the wishes of the family who commissioned it. 

Teresa climbs the Cavall Bernat de Montserrat

Teresa Forcades, invited by Catalan climber Sílivia Vidal Martí, climbed el Cavall Bernat. It was her first important ascent. This has been made possible by the generosity of the Catalan Sílivia Vidal. The ascent took place on Tuesday, 20 June, congratulations!

Warning, Teresa's website has been hacked and may redirect you to another website. Here is the new web link:  Teresa Forcades i Vila | pàgina web oficial (

Meeting of abbesses and superiors in Sant Benet

Meeting of abbesses and superiors in Sant Benet

The abbesses of the European Benedictine Congregation of the Resurrection met at Sant Benet de Montserrat. For a week they shared their experiences and celebrated the council of the congregation. It has been an opportunity to unite bonds of fraternity and, at the same time, to get to know our monastery.

The superiors have been able to enjoy some outings and have visited the Cave of Manresa, the Sanctuary of Montserrat and the Sagrada Familia.  In addition, some of them were able to have a small experience of the Festival of Sant Jordi in Sabadell, including a display of castellers.

In the meeting there were the superiors of monasteries of the Congregation from Germany, Belgium, France, Holland, Lithuania and Sweden. Missing, however, were those from the monasteries of Bonn and Hurtebise, who were able to communicate thanks to the network.

The community of Saint Benedict of Montserrat is celebrating its anniversary!

The community of Saint Benedict of Montserrat is celebrating its anniversary!

The community of Saint Benedict of Montserrat is celebrating its anniversary!

The nuns of the Monastery of Sant Benet de Montserrat are celebrating the 70th anniversary of their foundation this year.

On 13 May 1952, two Benedictine communities merged to form a new community: Sant Benet de Montserrat. On that day, the nuns from the monastery of Sant Anton i Santa Clara, founded in the 13th century in Barcelona, and the nuns from the monastery of Sant Benet de Mataró, which had been temporarily residing there since 1939, and whose origins date back to the 19th century, met at the monastery of Santa Cecília de Montserrat. Both communities had lost their monasteries during the Spanish Civil War and accepted the proposal to join together and settle on the mountain of Montserrat.

To celebrate the birthday, the same date of May 13th, but 70 years later, the community of Sant Benet de Montserrat has gone up again to the monastery of Santa Cecília to celebrate a Eucharist in thanksgiving for the 70 years of history. The celebration was presided over by Father Manel Gasch, abbot of Montserrat, and concelebrated by the abbot of the monastery of Poblet and the prior of the monastery of Solius. The abbesses of the monastery of Sant Pere de les Puel-les in Barcelona and Vallbona de les Monges, as well as the prioress of the monastery of Sant Daniel in Girona also attended. The community was also accompanied by the president and the first councillor of the European Benedictine Congregation of the Resurrection, to which the monastery of Saint Benedict of Montserrat belongs.

After the mass at Santa Cecília, the meeting continued at the monastery of Sant Benet with a paella, where the monks of the monastery of Santa Maria de Montserrat also joined in. In all, more than fifty monks and nuns gathered for the feast. After lunch, in a playful and festive atmosphere, they recalled, through a game of questions, some anecdotes and historical events of those beginnings of the communities and that are preserved documented in the monastery's archives. In fact, at present, there are still three nuns who lived in first person the day of the foundation, they are the gna. Assumpta Bardolet, gna. Maria Mercè Coll and gna. Maria Tecla Carricondo. All of them were able to participate in the celebration together with the community.

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